Maybe it is times like these that we stop, reflect and analyse ourselves. Maybe it is times like these that enable us to grow as a person. Personal reflection can be difficult on a day-to-day basis, especially if we are not in the habit, we spend significant time looking at our outer-self but little time ‘looking’ at the inner person we are. We spend a lot of time observing the children we work with, we analyse their behaviours closely but how often do we analyse our own? Maybe, this is a time for personal growth, a time for personal reflection.
Maybe, it is a time for understanding who you are, how you got to be where you are and where you would like to be? Current events in the world will, without doubt have had an impact on everyone’s thoughts – good, bad and otherwise. Most importantly we will all have had thoughts about what and who is important to us, what is priority and what really does not matter as much as we thought it did. Maybe, the moral compass gets a look in?
Maybe it is a time to think about the progress we have made to date and that we would like to make in the future. Maybe it is the time now to think about how we may have better all-round well-being. Maybe it is the time to appreciate all that we should but are too busy to do so?
Maybe, we will consider the missed opportunities, rethink the regrets in life but most of all, maybe, through this very difficult time, while we get to know ourselves all over again, the positive outcomes can be, a more confident, a more honest, a more peaceful self… Maybe?

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