“Imagine… Creative Early Years Nursery is an example of Outstanding Provision. Children receive superb care and education, which ensures they make excellent progress in their learning and development.” – OFSTED 2011



At Imagine… we offer a truly unique place for Play, Learning and Development. We are dedicated to providing young children with rich learning experiences- the result of years of research and development undertaken in order to offer the very best we can. We are committed to continuing to learn for, about, and with children. This is our Thinking and Sharing Space…


At Imagine…  We offer Training, Professional Development and Consultancy.   Our aim is to excite and inspire, challenge and be challenged, to engage individuals and groups to participate in new and unfamiliar opportunities or to develop their experience, skills and knowledge, thoughts and ideas in collaboration with others.

We believe that if adults can immerse themselves in rich learning and development opportunities they are more likely to respond to children’s natural curiosities and enquiries about the world.

“It is not easy for teachers to provide for a kind of learning they do not know and appreciate themselves from experience. I digress here to make a plea not only for children, who suffer when a teacher does, but for the many teachers I meet who are unhappy, bored, and lost.”

Frances Hawkins