Maybe it is times like these that we stop, reflect and analyse ourselves. Maybe it is times like these that enable us to grow as a person. Personal reflection can be difficult on a day-to-day basis, especially if we are not in the habit, we spend significant time looking at our outer-self but little time … Continue reading Maybe…

The Power of Poetry

Click on the link below.  Consider the poem alongside our blog post 'Democracy - Developing a Language of Dissent', where we reflect upon the power of poetry. We feel our thoughts are given beautiful expression in the outstanding work of this remarkable poet-Toby Thompson.            

Value Visual Art in Early Years

Exploring through play is a natural part of children’s lives.  It is through this play and the use of the senses - smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing that children are learning about the world around them.  It is through these explorations that children become familiar with and excited about visual art.  Unable to resist … Continue reading Value Visual Art in Early Years

Democracy – Developing a Language of Dissent

As part of the work with our Sightlines Network Group, we are considering the idea of democracy in its various definitions and manifestations within early years practice. At Imagine…our starting point is a consideration of Peter Moss’ ‘Democracy as First Practice in Early Childhood Education and Care’ (2011). Drawing upon Deweyian concepts of democracy, Moss … Continue reading Democracy – Developing a Language of Dissent

Loose Parts and Raw Materials

A combination of raw materials and loose parts is essential to the creative development of young children. These materials support children across all areas of the curriculum including music, movement, drama, dance, role play and the visual arts. Loose parts and raw materials support the development of Creative and divergent thinking and problem solving, these … Continue reading Loose Parts and Raw Materials

Environment, The Third Teacher

Imagine… Creative Early Years Our focus is on opening children’s minds, their eyes, their understanding of the world we live in. We encourage children to think big, to imagine the world in many, many ways – fierce tigers that live behind doors, super-heroes that save the world, Victoria the biting dinosaur and the giant egg … Continue reading Environment, The Third Teacher